This is our brand book

How and what we communicate, and why we do it, say something about us as an organization. We work every day to create a sustainable and humane society through digitalization and innovation. This is a promise that raises expectations. The Knowit brand should summarize and support our values and the vision we are striving towards. With clear and recognizable communication, we strengthen our brand, position, and visibility. Together, we can engender trust and reliability, instant recognition, and a strong Knowit profile. We are Knowit in everything we do, say, and create.

Our vision:

We create a sustainable and humane society through digitalization and innovation.

Our employee promise:

We have an innovative environment that contributes to personal development, with an emphasis on security, involvement, and joy.

Make a difference
With our unique knowledge, competence, and characteristics, we contribute to a more sustainable and humane society.

We collaborate and support one another to create opportunities to be creative in our work.

Our core values:

We are fair and treat each other with respect

We are close by and available

We are passionate and drive innovation


In this brand book, you will find all the tools, instruments, guidelines, and possibilities you have in our fabulous branding universe!


Any questions?
Don’t hesitate to contact at Knowit’s communications department

  • Our visual identity is in many ways our apparel, a visualization of our personality. It should provide a direction for all our communication so that we have a clear and unified look on the market. With simple, clean components, colors, and typography, the visual profile encourages exploration and play within safe boundaries. Have a look and get inspired!

  • The Knowit brand is expressed, first and foremost, through the main Knowit logo.

    Each business area also has its own logo versions: Knowit Experience, Knowit Insight, and Knowit Solutions. Here, you will find guidelines for how you can use the various logotypes and when you should use them.

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