By downloading the app Unit4 Timesheets you are able to report time in your mobile device.

The app is delivered in the Google Play site as well as Apple App Store and the direct links are available on this page.

On the right you have a link on how log in and approve timesheet and other tasks.


The first time you open the app, a wizard will guide you through the setup.

  • Enter URL:
  • Click on Continue, which will verify the URL.
  • Click on Log in with your organisational account.


  • Enter your e-mailadress and click continue for Microsofts standard login.
  • You will then need to approve that Unit4 Identity Services is using your userid. Check both boxes to be able to work offline.
  • The system then asks permission to open the app, approve it and you are good to go!



Note: Depending on screensize on your unit, what shows on the screen can differ from the instructions.

Start screen

The following view appears when you open the app.

  • Settings: The gear (Top left) is for settings. Normally you shouldn't have to change anything here.
  • Sync: Use the round arrow (Top right) to force a sync towards the server
    The round blue button (Bottom right) is a quick way to register time for "today".
  • The list shows the current period at the top and old periods (weeks) in the Previous periods section.
  • An alarm clock in front of the line indicates that the time report is delayed and should have been submitted.
  • A green check mark indicates that the time report is submitted
  • A red cross indicates that something is wrong.
  • At the end of each row (a week), currently registered hours out of the total work hours for that week is shown.

How to report time

Select a week in the list and details for that week will be displayed.

If you already registered time as a draft on the web, the rows are shown here.

There are two views you can switch between with (Marked button):

  • Without group per day
  • With group per day.

As you can see, there are no timelines inserted at all for this week, and we also see how many hours have already been reported in relation to your own normal time (0 out of 40). 


            Without group per day


         Group per day


In Settings you can activate "Group per day" and have it as the default mode if you want. 

More options: It is possible to copy the last week's time report (Button at the top right) and not to re-enter all work tasks.

Click and then select Copy previous period in the pop-up that appears.

Another good tip is to first make a draft on the web that you start with in the app.

Click on the + sign to register time.
A list of previously used tasks and any favorites that you marked as favorites (with the heart) in the app with the heart are shown.

Select a previous task or click the + sign to add a whole new one. The highlighted button at the top left switches between the list in the picture above and a list that is grouped by time code.

With the plus sign at the bottom right of the screen you can add a whole new task. A new view is opened where you enter the details.

Note: Do not use Flex manually. The system calculates the flex when the time report is submitted.

Just like on the web it is enough to enter work orders to automatically get the project.

Time codes for absence give both work orders and projects automatically.


Entering work orders

The input supports Type Ahead after three characters.

Complete task

Don't forget to save!

The save option is available under More options (Selected button)

          Example entry of disease

Reporting time in landscape mode

In landscape mode you can see an overview of the whole week at the same time.



  • Input of time is specified in hours and minutes.
  • Input of absence is specified in days.

When you are done with the time report, submit it for the approval with the button and the pop-up menu.

The submitted time report receives a green check mark.



The time you register in the app is automatically synchronized to the service and you do not need to actively save your time report.

An easy way to work is to start the time report on the web and complete it in the app:

Copy the previous week on the web. (Or add a completely new time report.)
Clear out excess lines and save as drafts.
Register time in the app.

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