Testit 2020

The Testit conference 

Testit is one of the largest conferences on testing in Sweden. The conference annually gathers various competencies in the test field for one day to share knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. A conference for testers, by testers! 

You can read much more about the conference here: https://www.knowit.eu/services/solutions/system-development-and-management/test-and-quality-assurance/conference-testit/

You can already register for the conference and benefit from our special early bird price: 2,600 SEK (VAT excluded) or 3,250 SEK (VAT included). Please explain any food requirements/preferences if you register for the event. Questions? Please contact Amanda Halvordsson, +46 768 63 31 64.

Call for speakers

The Testit committee could not sit still for very long. We are already quite busy with lots of improvements and other fun stuff for Testit 2020. We have also started our search for speakers. Find out more information regarding how to apply below. Are you not interested in joining us as a speaker, but perhaps have suggestions aboutother speakers, or other feedback or ideas for Testit? Let us know at Testit@knowit.se 

The theme for Testit 2020 is “The key to success”!

Have you had some experience of a really successful project, tell us all about it. Have you had some bad experiences and want to spread the word to help others avoid the same problems? We are all ears. Do you have a theory about how to do something really successfully? Let's talk about it! Want to share your ideas on how to become a successful tester, manager or team member? You bet, we are interested! As you see, the angles on the theme is endless. What is your take on “The key to success”?

This year we will have three tracks with dedicated areas.

Track 1 – Test professionals – Sessions in this track should focus on the craft of testing, manual and exploratory testing, tester skills and other useful stuff.

Track 2 – Automation & technology – This is the track where we get more technical. Sessions in this track should focus on automation, technical testing, tools, frameworks as well as the strategies for these contexts. And of course, other useful stuff.

Track 3 – Management & processes – Sessions in this track should focus on management, test and project processes, leadership, teamwork, quality assurance, metrics and other fun stuff.

Another change is that we are introducing some new session types. When you send in your proposal, don’t forget to let us know what kind of session you would like to do.


A tutorial is a 75 min session with interactive parts. The attendees shall at the end of the session have increased their skills regarding the topic. It is ok to assume that the attendees have some prior skills in the topic/access to software/hardware to enable the speaker to dig deeper into the topic.


A demo session is a 45 min session. The presenter has an opportunity to demonstrate a tool or method more in depth. The attendees should not be required to have access to software/hardware or prior skills in the topic. It is beneficial if the speaker can stay and continue to demo and answer questions in the lobby.

Standard session

A standard session is a 45 min session. The speaker is free to address any topic related to the theme at any level of knowledge.

Longer session

A longer session is a 75 min theoretical session. The same idea as a standard session, but longer.


A workshop is a 45 min session with lots of interaction between speaker and attendees. The session can have a goal beyond the teaching of the attendees. It is important that the attendees get to experience something.


A keynote session is a 45 min session with a focus on inspiration. To apply for a keynote session, you need to go for something inspiring, fun and/or thought-provoking.

If attendees are required to have access to software/hardware or prior skills, state this in your proposal.

One last new addition is that we will not wait until the last day to set the program. We will review submissions as they arrive.

Your submission should include the following: Name, email, session type, session title, session abstract and a short text about yourself.

Send us your proposal to testit@knowit.se before March 1st.

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