Testit 2020

The Testit conference 

Testit is one of the largest conferences on testing in Sweden. The conference annually gathers various competencies in the test field for one day to share knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. A conference for testers, by testers! 

You can read much more about the conference here: https://www.knowit.eu/services/solutions/system-development-and-management/test-and-quality-assurance/conference-testit/

News regarding Testit 2020 

Unfortunately we have decided to cancel Testit 2020. We have chosen to make this decision based on the current situation with covid-19. Testit is a small conference where one of the main aims is to keep the price low to make it accessible to all. Due to this, we also have very small margins. In order not to jeopardize future conferences, we have taken the very difficult decision to not take the risk of continuing working with this years conference.

For us, Testit is more than just a place we learn new skills and awaken inspiration. It is, and has always been, so much about bringing this incredible community together. We will really miss having this venue to meet you all and fully nerd out regarding test this year. But we will be back with the conference in 2021. We really hope to receive your continued support, because we want to see you all there! 

Stay safe and all the best

/The Testit committee

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