Testit 2019

Testit is the Malmö conference by testers, for testers. With Testit 2019 we are celebrating our fifth year and we aim to make it a very special occasion...

You can expect the same high quality sessions and community spirit as usual with the addition of this year's exciting theme "Hey future" and plenty of awesome surprises!

You can already sign up to the event and take advantage of our early bird offer, ensuring yourself a spot at the conference. You also have the possibility to promote yourself or someone you know as a speaker next year. Or why not let us know about other things you'd like to see at the conference this year because after all, this conference is all about you!

Abstracts for the speaker presentations can be found here.

For more information on each speaker, please see below.

Reach us at Testit@knowit.se.

Heard about Testit from past participants

“Loved it and got really inspired! Thank you! =)”

"Thank you for a well-organized and good conference, you've set the bar high for the next Testit!"

"Thanks again – it was a lovely event to be part of, and I wish only that I had been there for the afternoon too!”

“Very inspiring and I got a lot of ideas that I will actually implement in my organisation!”

"Thank you for a fantastically nice conference! I'll see you next year"

Testit is one of the largest one-day test conferences in the south of Sweden. It is organized by testers for testers. The aim is to provide high quality sessions at a low price and all in one day, so everyone can be able to attend. Through the conference we bring the fantastic testing community together, which allows us to share ideas and grow.

Read more about Testit's history here.

Date: September 12th

Location: Malmö Börshus, Skeppsbron 2, Malmö.


Early bird (until 28 June): 2,600 SEK (VAT excluded) or 3,250 SEK (VAT included)
Regular price: 3,100 SEK (VAT excluded) or 3,875 SEK (VAT included)

Please explain any food requirements/preferences when registering for the event.

Questions? Please contact Amanda Halvordsson, +46 768 63 31 64.

See our conference video here: https://vimeo.com/328215234


James Christie


James Christie

I am a self-employed testing consultant with 36 years' IT experience. Before moving into testing, I spent six years as an IT auditor. I have also worked in information security management, project management, business analysis and development. My experience helps me understand the relationships between different specialisms. I am particularly interested in links between testing, auditing, governance and compliance. I spent 14 years working for one of the UK's biggest insurance companies, then nine years with IBM, working with clients in the UK and Nordic countries. I have been self-employed for the last 12 years.

Göran Bakken


Göran Bakken

I've been curious my whole life, professional tester for a little more than a decade and hardcore learner for a bunch of years. As a hardcore learner I spend hundreds of hours of my leisure time each year to learn stuff. I have made learning my big passion. I am fascinated by the enormous potential of the human mind and I am currently on a path to learn as much as possible about it.

Peter Hauschulz


Peter Hauschulz

I hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Integrative Physiology, with a focus on influence of group perception, behavior and pathology. My work experiences include a wide range of oddities beyond computers, from shelving library books to disaster relief and autopsy suite. Despite a total lack of formal training, I persist in playing guitar, drums and any other instrument I can shoe-horn into a metal band or any other musical project. I am currently employed by HumanIt and am the primary test engineer for a small team in Axis Communications, Lund, Sweden.

 Jimmy Dahlqvist

Jimmy Dahlqvist

I'm a developer and architect with a great passion for cloud, chaos, GitOps, and other new ways of working. I love to share my knowledge with others and to be able to help them grow is really rewarding. Every moment of my spare time I spend coding, testing new things, learning, and blogging. I hold 10 AWS and 2 GCP certificates and am always aiming for the next one. I'm a notorious coffee drinker, so please don't talk to me before my first cup in the morning.
Jonna Stålring Westerberg  

Jonna Stålring Westerberg

I am a senior AI consultant at Knowit with more than 15 years of experience with applied machine learning from the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. I am collaborating with academic researchers in machine learning and have published several scientific papers, using and developing Open Source algorithms. In addition to my technical and scientific skills, I have leadership experience and have worked on developing the strategic direction for application of AI and data management in drug discovery.
 Martin Nilsson  

Martin Nilsson

I have an unusually broad experience within the field of software test and quality and am helping companies in the Skåne region as a consultant at House of Test. Coming straight from Chalmers University of Technology (after a short detour via University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law) I started off my career as a tester, by mistake, at Ericsson Mobile Platforms.

Since then, I have built up Wlan-test labs, received a patent publication diploma from Ericson, performance tested, been a test coordinator of a hundred testers, built up a 1,5 year long test education, taught testers in New York, worked with test processes at startups, built CI pipelines and am currently building a requirement process for a company that has been on Forbes' World's Most Innovative Companies list four years straight.

Despite all my technical knowledge, I have found that my coffee cup is my most powerful work tool. In the end, all technology is created by humans, and is meant to be used by, or to gain, humans. Therefore, it is in my opinion often worth looking at the human side of a problem before looking at the technical side.


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