Security training workshop: Security Testing in OWASP

On April 13th, you have the chance to learn more about the importance of security testing in this hands-on one day workshop.

Penetration tester Emil Sundstedt will take you through subjects like attacker motivations and the kill chain, introduce you to web-proxies and exploratory testing. After the workshop, you will have the knowledge and the courage to incorporate security testing tools and mindset in your day to day work.

The security training takes place in Malmö and the date is April 13th. The workshop will be held in English.

The day will cover:

  1. Attacker Motivations
  2. Web-proxies, an introduction to the tool
  3. OWASP Top10, a practical demonstration
  4. Exploratory testing, a practical demonstration
  5. Further resources for security
  6. Lunch
  7. Workshop for testing (Two groups, everyone included in the testing process, mob testing)
  8. More sites for training purposes

About the teacher

Emil Sundstedt has a BTH - MSc in Computer Security. He has worked as a penetration tester at Knowit in Karlskrona for about a year. Today, he works a lot with web based penetration testing, but he also enjoys working with internal pentests. Before Emil started at Knowit, he was at Combitech at their secure IoT department, working mostly with hardening of different systems. Before that, he worked in the SOC and operations team at a cloud provider, focusing on troubleshooting servers and networks.

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