GitOps in Action

GitOps in action with Jimmy Dahlqvist

Nowadays development teams change applications faster and more frequent than ever before. More companies and teams move towards the DevOps way of working to be able to handle the increased development speed.

GitOps is a technology enabler in the DevOps space, where operations and infrastructure changes are made through pull-requests. Any developer can then do production infrastructure changes as long as they can open a pull-request. Git becomes the single source of truth for everything. GitOps require us to declare our entire infrastructure and configuration in code, using tools like Terraform, CloudFormation, Puppet, Chef, among many others. When everything exists as code in Git, you get all the benefits that come with Git. Everything is versioned controlled, have a history, and changes are easy to track.

In this session we will discuss the core concepts and benefits of practicing GitOps. How and what to think about, things to avoid, pitfalls, and more. 

Jimmy Dahlqvist is a senior cloud architect at Knowit with a great passion for Chaos Engineering, and DevOps / GitOps. 

Date: 16th of April

Time: 17:00-18:00

This is a virtual event. Details regarding how you join will be sent out by email the same week as the event.
If you have any questions, please contact Gabriella Sumberaz, 0730-746401

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