Insight Leadership Course


Certificate - Insight Leadership Course

Knowit Insight’s Leadership Course is developed for senior management consultants within Knowit who have the responsibility and expectation to lead others in their daily work. The course is based on research and tools such as the Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory (IDI), the strategy behind Knowit Insight’s organization, and Knowit’s Leadership Philosophy.  
The course focuses on self-leadership to enable leaders to realize their full potential and create strong, healthy corporate cultures.  Through theoretical education and practical training, participants learn how to lead themselves, how to lead others, and how to be led. The cornerstones to building psychological safety in teams are also covered in the course along with how to apply both directive, supportive, and coaching leadership. 
The course leaders have extensive experience in working with leadership development. Amongst them, you can find a licensed organizational psychologist, a certificated coach, a CEO, and a licensed IDI facilitator. 

The Insight Leadership Course, part of Insight Academy

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Peder Dahlqvist
Head of People & Culture at Knowit Insight
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