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Pattern building

The building block is the element that serves to tie our profile together and is taken from the display font Arial for Knowit. The format is always the same but can be combined in endless ways, depending on what we want to convey. From something clean and simple to something powerful and playful. From a single, solid color to a full symphony of colors. Combine. Connect. Create!

The pattern is based on the building block and the Knowit Trinity icon. You can use the pattern in its repeating state, or use it in a blown-up version against a masked background or photo to create interesting combinations.

Use the pattern in black or white. It can be used against either solid backgrounds or photos.

To make the pattern more interesting, you can use the digital lollipop color to make some of its building blocks pop.

The pattern has no upper size limit, but don’t make it too small, as the building blocks may look deformed.

  • Pattern building
  • Pattern building 2

Here’s how to do it

  • Pop out

    You can use the digital lollipop color to make some of the pattern pop.

  • Patterns on photos

    You can use the pattern as an overlay on photos to make it more dynamic.

  • Repeating pattern

    Small repeating pattern.

  • Blow up pattern

    Use a large version of pattern against a background, to make exciting compositions.

Don’t do this

  • Not too small

    Don’t make the pattern too small, as that makes it look deformed.

  • Don’t use other colors

    Don’t use the pattern in colors other than the ones approved.

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