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The business areas should always be referred to in falling order of size, i.e., Solutions, Experience, and Insight. In headlines and leads, the business areas are written as Knowit Solutions, Knowit Experience, and Knowit Insight, while in body text it is better to write only Solutions, Experience, and Insight.

Below are the rules for when the different logos should be used.

Logo structure

Knowit needs to continuously develop its offering and its positioning to maintain its presence on a dynamic market.In order to make the brand identity relevant, Knowit’s business areas need to have their own subsidiary brands and their own place in the brand structure. The goal is maximizing the ability of Knowit’s business areas to:

– Reach new strategic customer segments (top managers, market managers, etc.).

–  Be differentiated for clients.

–  Actively contribute to buying on own merits.

The strategy for the brand structure is therefore a strong brand name (Knowit) with subsidiary brands (Knowit Experience, Knowit Insight and Knowit Solutions), where the mother brand (Knowit) is the association that serves to drive purchases.

The strategy is based on

–  That each business area has limited opportunities to build a relevant brand without the power of a strong central Knowit brand.

–  That each business area should contribute to building Knowit’s overall brand.

–  That the combination of different skills creates a unique position, which needs to be clarified visually.

  • Logo structure
1. The mother brand logo is used alone when:

–  Communication refers to things that are not offer-specific, but general.

–  Communication refers to all offers within the group.

–  Communication refers to more than one offer/business area within the group.

–  If you cannot easily determine which situation is at hand, using the mother logo is never wrong.

  • Knowit
2. The business areas' logos are used when:

– Communication refers to one (1) specific offer/business area.

  • Knowit 2
In co-branding, two logos are used on all contact surfaces:

Co-branding means that one or more brands outside the Knowit group (e.g., Google) cooperate with one or more brands within the Knowit group.

If the external brand cooperates with two subsidiary brands within the Knowit group, the same rules apply as in item 1 above. More than two offers/business areas means that it is the mother brand logo that is used; here it would be combined with the external brand.

The cooperating logos can be subject to either of two conditions: equal weight (all are equally important) or different weights (one of the brands is the "driver"). 

  • co-branding
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