Testit 2018

The successful Malmö conference for testers by testers is back again this year. We are proud to present a full schedule packed with sessions covering a broad range of interesting topics by awesome speakers from many different companies.

We are once again placed centrally in Malmö (right next to the central station!) on what's come to be our favourite day, the 12th of September.

Our track Illities focuses on non-functional testing, something all of us could get use of in our daily work but perhaps aren't sure quite how to. This track will provide tools, tricks and motivation to make your everyday work a little more exciting.

Our second track contains several gems from testing. Learn how to involve quality early through QA kick-offs in our tutorial or find out something we're sure everyone wants to know – Just how do you make SBTM work within waterfall?

This year we have grown and extended the conference by one track! We are happy to welcome the project managers into our Testit family, allowing us introduce a broader understanding regarding testing and opening up for many interesting discussions between our roles. With a tutorial like RiskStorming by Ministry of Testing and a session from our very own Iris Pinkster this track is bound to be amazing.

As usual we have three exciting keynotes lined up. This year they will be held by Fredrik Folkeryd, Daniel Karlsson, and Christian Brødsjø, who will hold the session voted as the best at Eurostar 2017: The Sky is The Limit - How To Test A New Airport Terminal.

The biggest question is, how will you ever be able to pick between all of these fantastic sessions?

Abstracts for the speaker presentations:

Fredrik Folkeryd

Klaus Zeuge

Sigurdur Birgisson

Beren Van Daele (RiskStorming)

Daniel Karlsson

Christin Hansson

Sari Alander

Johan Hoberg

Jonas Persson & Robert Pettersson

Martin Karsberg

Iris Pinkster

Christian Brødsjø

For more information on each presenter, please see below.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this year's Testit because we hope to see you all there for a day of great fun, plenty of new knowledge, endless inspiration and connecting with both old and new Testit friends.

See you there!

Date: 12/9

Location: Malmö Börshus, Skeppsbron 2 , 211 20, Malmö

Price: 2 900 kr



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Fredrik Folkeryd With 20+ years in various roles developing software and content used worldwide, my focus remains continuous improvement. Currently at Qlik building more global products. When I'm not working, I spend time with family, horses and hounds, love running and reading (not simultaneously).
Klaus Zeuge Klaus' latest adventure is to pull performance testing into the NOW, to not let it become irrelevant. There are reasons we find performance testing being left behind in the era of waterfall development and Klaus has been through most of them. Shifting back and forth between waterfall and scrum and everything in between, Klaus has helped a string of customers and teams, mainly in Stockholm, with either shining a light on systems or enabling teams to embrace performance.
Sigurdur Birgisson Sigge is QA manager at Avensia, delivering high quality e-commerce solutions to retail clients. Previous experience includes Bitbucket and Bamboo at Atlassian and many different projects at Jayway. He is passionate about quality assistance and how quality engineers enable their agile teams to deliver high quality at speed. This includes being an integral part of all aspects of the delivery lifecycle, from inception and ideation through development, delivery and success validation.
Beren Van Daele I'm a software testing consultant from Belgium who helps shape teams and testers to improve their work and their understanding of testing and software development. I'm an organizer of BREWT: the Belgian Peer conference & a test meetup in my hometown: Ghent. The creative brain behind TestSphere. I travel around (by bike) while working remote, doing workshops and speaking gigs.
Daniel Karlsson Daniel Karlsson has been working within the software development industry for over 10 years, currently working at Collector Bank. He constantly tries to be involved with all things related to quality. Daniel continuously strives to avoid getting caught within the functional stupidity trap by always seeking out new knowledge and by always questioning everything.
Christin Hansson Christin has been working with QA, project management and agile methods in the mobile industry for 15 years. She is now working hands on in two game teams at King and is successfully supporting them in their ways of working with QA. She also has a special interest in Usability testing and is working close to the UI/UX designers at King to improve the games and make them easy to use.
Sari Alander Sari Alander works as a Lead Consultant in Finland at Knowit (, mainly with DevOps, Agile and Lean coaching in organizations at various team levels. She also has the role of DASA Ambassador in the Nordics, a role in which she influences, creates commitment and actively contributes to advocating the development of high performance teams through DevOps and Agile initiatives.
Johan Hoberg Johan has worked as a tester, test team lead, test lead and test architect for the last 14 years, first with mobile devices, and then with mobile games. He loves to perform, think, write, read and talk about testing and how testing fits into the Agile paradigm. When he is not thinking about testing, or spending time with his family, he plays computer games or indulges in other equally nerdy activities.
Jonas Persson Jonas has over twenty years of experience as verification and validation professional with a large interest in application lifecycle management, software quality, and testing trends. Jonas is a well-known speaker in the areas of test and QA and has a background of working in most of the industries like Retail, Manufactoring, Finance, and Life science. Among some of his achievements in his career he founded and managed one of Scandinavia's largest CoE within the retail industry. He has also held numerous challenging consultant positions like being a test manager for a company in the energy sector. The assignment was to lead all test activities for a communication container containing both hardware and software. When operational in production it was being deployed on a vessel(boat) out In the Atlantic sea. The solution was responsible for all communication for 100's of construction workers of wind parks. Currently Jonas works as principal consultant at Epista life science with key areas test and validation.
Robert Pettersson Robert has 18 years' experience of different Quality and Compliance-related tasks in the Life Science Industry, striving to bridge the gap between IT, QA and Line of Business. Robert have wide experience in Compliance, IT Governance and Management-related tasks including Project and Line Management.
Martin Karsberg During the last two decades I have worked with test and verification of software in many shapes and form. I have held different positions ranging from tester to test manager. At my current assignment i help a company that manufactures radar systems for military use take the next step in their testing. I will talk about how Session-Based Testing has propelled us forward. Making time to delivery shorter and quality of deliveries higher.
Iris Pinkster Iris Pinkster-O'Riordain is test advisor at Professional Testing and has experience in testing and test management since 1996. She co-developed Logica's method for structured testing: TestFrame ®, their test management approach and TestGrip, the method on test policy and test organization. She is co-author of the books published on these topics. She often speaks at (inter) national conferences. In 2007 she won the EuroSTAR award for "Best Tutorial". In 2017 she was Program Chair for EuroSTAR.
Christian Brødsjø Dedicated test manager with more than a decade of hands-on experience from large, highly complex and critical software development projects in a wide range of domains. Fascinated by the exciting interface between technology and business, and always striving for continuous improvement and promoting the value of professional testing. Happily married and proud father of three boys. Passionate reader and avid collector of rare antique books.
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