Signal Workshop – ‘Understanding What Matters in a World of Noise’ with Stephen Few

'Signal' - An Advanced Analytics and Visualization course with Stephen Few on 10 & 11 October. Take the opportunity to learn from Stephen Few, a leading expert and author in the field of visualization.

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In this advanced data exploration and analysis course, Stephen Few takes participants beyond the basic skills that are taught in his books ‘Show Me the Numbers’ and ‘Now You See It’ to the next level of statistical and data visualization skills that are required for signal detection. Only the signals matter.

Many people assume that if they know how to use data analysis software, it means that they are skilled data analysts. Knowledge of data analysis tools and possession of data analysis skills, however, are not the same. Even expert users of analytical tools frequently have little or no knowledge of fundamental yet powerful data analysis techniques.

Do you have the nagging sense that signals in your data—the things that matter most—might be slipping by unnoticed? Do you ever wonder if you’re wasting time tracking the wrong metrics or tracking the right metrics in the wrong ways? The data analysis that takes place in most organisations produces only a small fraction of its potential for useful insights. This is because most of the people who do this work have never been trained in data exploration and analysis beyond the basics, if at all. When presented with a new data set, do you know how to get the lay of the land—the context that’s necessary for analytical insights? Do you know how to separate signals from the noise?

This advanced workshop is for:

  • Those whose work involves frequent data analysis
  • Those who have already read the books ‘Show Me the Numbers’ and ‘Now You See It’ or have taken the courses associated with these books
  • Those fluent in the use of Excel
  • Those fluent in the use of an exploratory data analysis tool such as Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire, or SAS JMP

Course information

Early bird discount: SEK 13,900 (VAT excluded). Book before 3rd of June 2016.
Group discount: Four for the price of three. Cannot be combined with other discounts.
Other: One book, used as a basis for the course, is included in the price.
Language: The course will be held in English.
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Want to learn more? We are also holding a three-day workshop called Visual Business Intelligence with Stephen Few.

Contact Thomas Nord at Knowit if you have any questions.


Stephen Few Author and visualization expert


  • The importance of data analysis to support decision making
  • The role and responsibilities of a data analyst
  • The difference between signals and noise
  • Getting the lay of the data landscape by examining key types of variation and relationships:
  • Variation within categories:
  • Variation within measures
  • Variation across space
  • Variation through time
  • Relationships among multiple variables
  • Relationships between categories
  • Relationships between measures
  • The fundamentals of Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Graphs for signal detection
  • Documentation for signal detection
  • Dashboards for signal monitoring

More detailed information can be found at 

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