Visual Business Intelligence Workshop with Stephen Few

Learn how to effectively analyze, present and communicate your information.

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Learn how to effectively analyze, present and communicate your information.

We are overwhelmed by information, not just because there's a lot of it, but also because we can find it both challenging to know how to handle it as well as know what to do with it. Computers present opportunities to help us speed up the process of data handling, but they can neither tell us what the information means nor explain how to communicate this to our decision makers. The competence to do so is not intuitive, it must be learned.

Take the opportunity to learn from Stephen Few, a leading expert and author in the field of visualisation. This will be his last set of courses ever, worldwide. Read more about Stephen Few at

Stephen's insights, knowledge and materials on effective analysis and presentation are based on his research and have lead to several books, three of which are the basis for this workshop:

  • 'Show Me the Numbers' - Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten
  • Information Dashboard Design- Displaying Data for At-a-Glance Monitoring
  • ‘Now You See It’ -  Visual Data Analysis
Last workshop with Stephen Few
Course information 

The course will be held on April 16-19 2018.

Language: The course will be held in English.

Venue: Brygghuset, Norrtullsgatan 12N, Stockholm.

Price for 4 days: SEK 25 000 + VAT.

Group discount: For bookings of more than 4 people, we can offer a group discount. Contact Thomas Nord.

Other: Three books, used as a basis for the course, are included in the price.

We ask that no more than 10 people from an organization register for the workshop. This is to ensure that as many organizations as possible are able to attend and to make sure that no single organization dominates the workshop.

Price for individual courses: It is possible to register for each course individually. The price is SEK 7 000 + VAT per day. No discount is offered for single courses. Indicate in your registration which course the registration pertains to, in the field "Övrigt".

Contact Thomas Nord at Knowit if you have any questions.


Stephen Few Leading author and visualization expert


Day 1 & 2: 'Show Me the Numbers' - Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten. Practical run-through and exercises (including group exercises) on how to effectively communicate quantitative data with tables and graphs for maximal business benefit. The course is based on Stephen Few's own clear design precepts, communicated through examples of what works, what doesn’t, and explanations of why. You will learn how to make the right choice (table vs. graph and what type) and how to visually design each component to convey its message clearly and accurately using certain design rules.

Detailed information can be found at

Day 3: Information Dashboard Design

Dashboards offer an exciting new way to provide people at a glance with the critical information they must monitor to do their jobs. This full-day course reaches past the hype to give you the unique design skills required to build dashboards that really work.

Detailed information can be found at

Day 4: 'Now You See it' - Visual Data Analysis. Ninety percent of all business data analysis can be done using simple graphing techniques to discern meaningful patterns in data. The remaining 10%, which requires sophisticated statistical and financial analysis skills, are well addressed by available resources, but where are the resources that teach the skills needed by the rest of us? Even though these skills are easy to learn and apply with proper guidance, very few people involved in analyzing business data know them. This course provides a solution. 

This course is intended for all those whose work requires them to make sense of quantitative business data. This audience is much broader than financial analysts, or even analysts by any name. This course provides practical skills that are useful to managers at all levels and to anyone interested in keeping a keen eye on the business. Anyone who uses Excel or any of the many other business productivity tools used for data access, analysis, and reporting, will learn how to use them productively, perhaps for the first time. 

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