How to secure quality in agile frameworks

In this seminar, identified challenges related to agile quality for different organizations will be presented. Also, we will discuss the most importance agile practices for ensuring quality.

Many organizations are face challenges in ensuring quality when working with scaled agile. Quality should be an inherent part of the agile principles and the agile teams should be responsible for the quality. The traditional quality assurance practices that have in past proven to be efficient might not fit into the agile way of working. Therefore, the quality assurance practices need to be investigated further when implementing the agile way of working.

Introduction to Agile Quality Management, AQM

In today’s digital society, organizations face new challenges, placing high demands on innovation capacity, flexibility and speed. Technology advances rapidly and the level of complexity increases. Products and services evolve – cars are now being designed to drive us rather than the other way around. In our view, quality is more important than ever before. Many organizations adopt agile methods to meet these challenges. But do agile ways of working necessarily lead to sufficient quality?

Time and date: January 18 2019 - breakfast from 07.30.

Location: Östra Hamngatan 16, Göteborg.

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