Continuous Practices: A Strategic Approach to Accelerating the Software Production System

The last thing you need is yet another rosy success story of continuous integration, delivery and deployment, and then feeling bad for failing to emulate that success in your own organization. The software industry is not a single, homogeneous thing, and not all software is alike. Understanding one's unique context and how it affects continuous practices is key to successfully accelerating any software production system.

In this breakfast seminar we will look into the contextual factors that need to be analyzed and understood in each individual case to successfully tailor continuous integration, delivery and/or deployment appropriate to that particular project. Before getting there, however, we will begin by considering what all of these buzz words even mean: how do they relate to one another, and how do they relate to DevOps? We wrap up by looking at concrete methods and solutions for some of the common pitfalls when adopting continuous practices in the industry.

This seminar is largely based on the recently published Continuous Practices: A Strategic Approach to Accelerating the Software Production System, available where books are sold and at

Date & time: Tuesday May 22 2018 8.00-10.00 AM. Breakfast is served from 07.30 AM.

Place: Klarabergsgatan 60, Stockholm 


Daniel Ståhl Daniel Ståhl works as subject matter expert and architect at Ericsson AB, where he is responsible for the corporate strategy on continuous integration, delivery and deployment. He has a background of eleven years of software development, integration and architecting in the telecom industry, where his work primarily revolves around the application of continuous integration and delivery practices to multinational enterprise scale organizations. He received a MSc from Linköping University, Sweden, in 2007 and a PhD in Software Engineering from Groningen University, Netherlands, in 2017.
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